This is my new -admittedly barren- website. I'll be updating regularly with thoughts, big pieces, small pieces, pictures and/or opinions of food (JOKE...maybe). Right now I'm working on getting some art done for the logo, hairy interpretations of "My Beards", obviously. My ultimate goal is to make a giant, ever-improving sample of writing. This is good because A) I need to improve, so I will by simply doing, and B) when in a position to prove my skill, it'd be nice to have something easy to point to.

My schedule will, very roughly, go as follows:

A picture of me on a boat, because journeys and stuff. #metaphors

A picture of me on a boat, because journeys and stuff. #metaphors

  • At least once a week - Updates/Small, quick'n'dirty pieces 
  • Once a month - Bigger piece: Short story, non-fiction, criticism, investigation, research...who knows. I have quite a bit in the pipeline and it's hard to say what will manifest.
  • Longer Term - I have some ideas for audio, video, photo, etc. I want to rope more folks in on some projects. The internet is brimming with amazing (and terrifying, not necessarily mutually exclusive) people, and Missoula alone is full of awesome talent. I'm curious to see what we could whip out.

Looking forward to showing folks what I'm capable of. I'll be updating soon, but things won't become too regular until I have the site and some projects entirely mapped out. As a, um, tease (?), my first big piece might, just might, be about hair. Mmmm.... Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.