I've been pouring a big chunk of my effort into finishing up my first big piece. Hard to quit the editing process, so I'm giving one final push before putting it out there.

Hence, why there haven't been any posts in a bit. I have a few others in the pipeline, but they're gestating. Let 'em thrash around a while, settle down. Therefore, poetry! Let's dip into the vault and see what we can find, eh?

We'll give you two today. The first is untitled right now. Maybe we'll call it "Stripes". Eh? Sure. It's a paper thin poem, just something I spit out with little forethought. However shallow, I find it interesting to observe. Many of us have done the word-vomit thing before as a means to vent. Sometimes no one is there, and even if someone is, encapsulating and compartmentalizing complex emotions are a nice way to carry on with life, a nice way to narrowly avoid insanity.

The second is a poem about erectile dysfunction I wrote during an astronomy class. Awk-waaaaard. Yeahhhhh....

See. You....next. Week?