Hello! Made a podcast. Hope to do these at least once a month, twice if time allows. If you want to be a featured friend, let me know. I probably want to feature you too.

You're getting some personal updates, a featured artist/friend, music, church music, and some stupid conversations about squatches.

Thanks to Mary CB for trusting me with her poetry for whatever reason and to Xavier Molina and Armando Pita for being vulgar. Hit me up with feedback. This show isn't nailed down, it can and will evolve. 

Music, in order of appearance:
  • Hubble - Actress
  • Before I Move Off - Mount Kimbie
  • Rough Sleeper - Burial
  • Dawn Chorus - Boards of Canada
  • Backwards Compatible Theme Song - James Davenport
  • Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins

Mary's Blog - mossandmint.blogspot.ca

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