I miss being social. Not that I particularly like going out drinking, dancing, or to semi-formal dinners--these gatherings, to me, are the cultural vestiges of a time quickly fading. Rather, I miss board games with convoluted rule sets. I miss long nights screaming over shitty mics in Left 4 Dead. I miss splitting a tiny screen into four tinier screens and then shooting my friends in their stupid friend faces over a tense match or twenty in Halo. 

All my gaming these days is done alone. This isn't necessarily by choice. I know I could cultivate a group or insert myself into a community online, but as a first year teacher, my time is pretty precious. Little can be spent on avatars, when real-life-fleshy folks are hard enough to befriend in Southeast Idaho. 

But maybe these are just the emerging symptoms of adulthood. Maybe my priorities are changing without compliance. 

I don't buy it. The average adult doesn't play enough. This work-as-life ethic is gross and old fashioned. So I take the play to work, using games as centerpieces for lessons on the English language. The kids respond like moths to florescence, and who can blame them? When I trick them into learning, everyone benefits. My job becomes fun, the kids' work becomes fun, and a stigma dissolves.