After what was undoubtedly the hardest year of my life (leaving teaching, unemployed for six months, IT work, bullshit quarter-life crisis, loved, lost, and on and on) I've stumbled into a position that I couldn't ask more from. Granted, I'm an intern, but if it goes well, my time here could lead to any number of interesting positions. 


I saw a tweet. PC Gamer threw out a tweet advertising a paid internship. I'd applied to several before (a call from Joystiq played a huge part in chin-keepuppance), without much in the way of hope, but I've always figured it's better to try than cry. If you can't help it. I cry a lot. Anyway, I applied. Two months later, without much forethought, I ended up here, in San Francisco.


I've been putting out some things on The Internet, guided by some really, really great people. I'll be sure to update the various links on here in time. What's up? I eat burritos way to god damn much, I check out the ocean when I get scared, and try to network when I can. The whole ordeal has been pretty overwhelming, coming into my own at work and around the people here, but I've always been a slow burn at the start. The biggest takeaway has been that for the first time in my life, I'm excited to go to work. That said, writing is difficult. Don't mistake it for a whimsical passion. This shit is hard.


Stay tuned. Some good stuff coming. Twitch.tv/pcgamer is a good place to be. Podcasts? Podcasts. And I'll be putting out all sorts of stuff in the coming months. It's only been six weeks or so, and I've already written a healthy variety of junk. Here's some: