• (2014) Writer, Episode 91 - "Reflections West" Radio Program - LINK
  • (2013) "Tricho" - Non-Fiction Essay - Published in "The Oval" Literary Magazine
  • (2012) "Environment" - Non-Fiction Essay - Published in "The Oval" Literary Magazine
  • (2011) "Rural Community Center" - Non-Fiction Essay - Published on "The Oval" Blog - LINK


A self-starter and a quick learner. Diverse set of skills in writing, troubleshooting, and creative endeavors. Proven ability to lead team projects, mentoring, and mediating disputes between employees. 


English Teacher, Blackfoot High School; Blackfoot, Idaho — August 2013 - Present

Teaches a diverse set of approximately 120 students between grades ten and twelve CCSS English skills, including written data evaluation, critical thinking, and technical/creative writing. Mediates disputes between students, accounts for students with special health and/or behavioral needs, and creates entirety of instructed content from scratch as no Scope and Sequence doc was provided. 

Freelance Game Critic — 2013-Present

Play an assigned game to completion, and then evaluate the game according the employer’s specified critique standards. Provide detailed written account with intent to inform prospective consumers about whether or not the game is worth their time and/or money.  Work in concert with editors regarding feedback, deadlines, and future endeavors. 

Line Editing Intern, Asymmetrical Press; Missoula, MT — 2013-2014

Received books before published to perform an editing pass, primarily focused on technical aspects. Highlighted and annotated books in word processing program, and maintained communication with editors regarding participation and progress. 

RTA Coordinator, Student Affairs IT - U of M; Missoula, MT — 2011 - 2012

Part of a team that oversaw hiring, training, scheduling, and delegation of tasks for nine student employees (Resident Technology Assistants). Maintained relations with Student Affairs departmental staff and addressed their technology needs via a ticketing system. Acted as leader of Media and System Administrator teams, providing marketing content via two monthly newsletters, and iterating on methods for maintaining the student dormitory servers, respectively. 

Resident Technology Assistant, SAIT - U of M, Missoula, MT — 2009 - 2011

Provided technology support for the student population via the Student Affairs IT help desk, scheduled appointments in the dormitories, and in-person support for the whole of Student Affairs at the University of Montana. Wrote informational articles and a monthly op-ed for the media team’s monthly newsletters. 


University of Montana — English, Secondary Ed., 2013


Creative writing, technical writing, teaching writing, editing, employee training, content development, content management, technology implementation, technology troubleshooting, video filming, video editing, communication (digital, physical)